Introducing DAVED, a family-archiving service to help unbox your keepsakes and start enjoying them. 

Any memories hidden away in a sentimental box can be photographed and enjoyed continuously in photo book form:

  • Keepsakes from your children such as artwork, trophies, stuffed animals, baby clothes that bring you joy but are no longer of any use to your child
  • Items from a loved one that bring up fond memories, but don't have a place in your home such as home decor items, letters, antiques, old photographs
  • Mementos from your own life - concert t-shirt, birthday cards, travel souvenirs, race metals, awards, etc. 

Our Process

  1. Contact us to pre-order ($50 deposit)
  2. Compile your keepsakes and schedule a pickup
  3. Keepsakes are professionally photographed in our studio
  4. Review your digital proofs
  5. We arrange to have the approved images made into a beautiful photo book through our third-party printing service OR you can choose to receive only the digital files
  6. We hand-deliver the finished product (book or digital files) to you
  7.  You can choose to have your keepsakes returned or donated 

Introductory Pricing 

Photo Book Option:

  • $2 per piece - photography and editing  
  • $1 per caption 
  • $45 photo book set-up fee
  •  + cost of photo book printing (varies), no surcharge you're billed for exact cost of the book
  • free pickup and delivery for local customers

Digital Option:

  • $2 per piece - photography and editing
  • + $10 for usb flash drive 
  • free online gallery for 3 months

    About DAVED. 

    DAVED is a labor of love. Co-founded by a sister and brother duo, Patty Morrissey and David Huber.

    Patty is a lifestyle and organizing consultant who teaches clients how to honor their belongings and respectfully let go. David has always loved photography and archiving his personal belongings. To say that he's sentimental is an understatement. David is also a person living with autism and OCD. Patty and David started this service to create employment to suit his strengths (meticulous attention to detail, conscientiousness, and compassion) and support his health (flexible work hours, independence, purposeful work).  We hope to grow this business into one that creates jobs and marketable skills for other adults on the spectrum.

    Dave & Patty.JPG

    Research from Penn State University shows that taking photos of our sentimental objects makes it easier to let them go. Banishing our keepsakes to the attic does not honor their value. The purpose of holding onto keepsakes is to enjoy them.  We'll help you let go of the physical clutter and start enjoying the story and meaning behind your mementos. 

    When you work with DAVED you support the Davids of the world with meaningful employment and save your memories from a lifetime in the attic.