Workshops & Presentations

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Patty gave a talk at my event that was extremely well received. I had many comments from attendees who appreciated her perspective and thoughts. She’s incredibly smart and talented and a wonderful speaker. I’d recommend hiring Patty.
— Nate Cooper, CEO and Founder of Reboot at Q Labs
  • Experienced speaker and educator skilled at connecting with large audiences (700+) as well as facilitating deeper small group discussions, locally or internationally 
  • Speaking Topics:
    • The KonMari Method
    • Lifestyle design
    • Work-life balance
    • Mindfulness
    • Organizing home and work spaces
    • Time management and prioritization
    • Organizational culture
    • Stress reduction and self-care
    • Innovation
    • Child-friendly spaces
    • And more... 
  • Speaking fee varies depending on the opportunity and the level of preparation required
  • Contact Patty about speaking at your company, conference,  group, or event

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