Before & After photos are pretty standard on professional organizers' websites. 

I've chosen not to post a portfolio of before and after photos. Not because I don't have any (I do), but because how we define success in this realm is deeply personal.

I help clients articulate a vision for how they want to live, then help them curate their belongings so that they are left with only those things that truly spark joy. If we work together, we will take before and after photos so that you can appreciate and reflect on the transformation in your home.

How we set up your space will be guided by what brings you joy and how you want to live - not by external standards for what an ideal home should look like. You don't live in a Pottery Barn catalog. It's your home, your private space, your haven where you get to enjoy all of your favorite things. 

One of my greatest joys in this work is helping people celebrate their uniqueness. When you keep only those things that bring you joy, your belongings are in a way a reflection of who you are. There is no one else in the world like you. 

If you're looking for evidence of my success with clients, I invite you to read the client testimonials to get a sense for how people experience the results of our work together.