#GivingTuesday Campaign

In 2016 I left an office job excited and afraid of embarking on a new path of entrepreneurship and service. My goals were simple 1) to have more flexibility to prioritize motherhood 2) to have more time and energy for the activities that bring me joy (time with friends and family, self-care, and new experiences) and 3) to do work that I love and leave a positive mark on the word. 

My business (and my dream) would not exist without customers. I am immensely grateful to all of my clients who trusted me to support them on a journey of self discovery and personal transformation. When they go on to share their experience with others is an even greater gift.

My business runs 100% on referrals - I have yet to spend a single dollar on advertising. To say, “thank you for the referrals” I'm giving away my 2018 marketing budget to charity and I want you to decide how to distribute it! Between today and #GivingTuesday (November 27) please vote on your favorite charities and I’ll distribute the funds accordingly. I hope to make this an annual tradition.

I chose the selected charities because they further my business mission to empower women and promote mindful consumption. Learn more about them here:

With gratitude,

Patty & Co. 

Expert Tidying Tips for Men for Father's Day

This post was originally featured in Marie Kondo's Newsletter on June 18, 2017

Creating Space for Shared Passion

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography


This is dedicated to #DadsWhoCook. Let's focus on organizing cookbooks. Start by removing all of them from the shelves. (Pro tip: take this time to wipe down the shelves.) Take each book in your hands and ask whether or not it "sparks joy" in your heart. Trust your gut and only put back the ones that truly excite you. If you have not used some cookbooks and have no desire to, now is the time to let them go.     

In our house, we say #FoodIsLove. Cooking and eating is a time for connecting, teaching, and sharing. Make it inviting for children to participate. Store children's cookbooks and cooking materials on low shelves, so they can see and reach them on their own. This fosters independence in the child and encourages them to take initiative to follow the example of their dad.

After all of the cookbooks are stored, it's time to sprinkle in some joy, such as a cherished photo, a postcard from a favorite place, or a vintage recipe card.

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography


Here it is all pulled together. Because these cookbooks are displayed in the kitchen, the chef is more likely to draw inspiration from their pages. Here's to #DadsWhoCook!

KonMari Your Life

The KonMari Method of organizing resonated with me the first time I heard about it. The emphasis on creating a vision is what especially attracted me to the KonMari Method. For years, I used vision boards as a tool for gaining clarity about how I wanted to feel and the kind of life that I wanted to live. Applying the KonMari Method to my home and to my life was the natural evolution of my annual vision board ritual...

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