Patty Morrissey is a seasoned speaker and educator skilled at connecting with large audiences as well as facilitating deeper small group discussions, locally and internationally.

Patty draws from multiple disciplines to present inspirational, actionable, and deeply-researched content to engage a broad range of audiences from corporate trainings to living room workshops.

The KonMari Method™

Patty is one of the world’s first KonMari Consultants and an official lecturer for KonMari Media, Inc, Marie Kondo’s parent company. She is the only KonMari Consultant Seminar Educator from the U.S. charged with training new KonMari Consultants from around the globe.




You have such a great gift for running small groups!! I’m in awe over how well you connect with everyone and get them talking. Thank you!!
— Julie Mashack, Director, Global Networks & Programs at 92Y
Inspired by our session, I spend the day clearing out my stuff. Threw away a lot of stuff that didn’t spark joy - a good start. I feel so good after doing it.
— Seow Ping Tan, Vice President, Lane Crawford
Your presentation was truly wonderful and there are a lot of women who are eager to dive into the KonMari process. I was personally very inspired by your own journey to discover what sparks joy in your life and how everything you do is now in service of experiencing, and in your words “savoring”, those joyful moments.
— Julianna Manzi, Co-Founder NUSHU Society
Thanks for all that you shared with us this weekend. You are so warm and kind, inspiring, intelligent and supportive - such an incredible role model for us all as we embark on this new adventure. I know you have heard this from many, but it can’t hurt to hear it again. You made a big impact on a lot of people, and you deserve to hear it shouted from the rooftops :) ... You validated so many feelings for me - and gave strength to my inner voice that I will hold tight when the world gives me resistance.
— Amanda Hurt, KonMari Consultant Trainee
Patty gave a talk at my event that was extremely well received. I had many comments from attendees who appreciated her perspective and thoughts. She’s incredibly smart and talented and a wonderful speaker. I’d recommend hiring Patty.
— Nate Cooper, CEO and Founder of Reboot at Q Labs