"A wonderful experience!"

To anyone who needs more time, more space, or just a more positive view of your home and belongings; Patty Morrissey is the answer! I highly recommend Patty to anyone who wants to get organized and happy!! I never met Patty before she came to my home but I was instantly comfortable with her. She's that kind of person.

“Thank YOU so much! 

Every time I walk into the closet, I get the urge to dance - there is so much space!! My head is a lot lighter, too!" 


"What a great experience with Patty!"

We asked Patty to come to our home on three different occasions to organize our entryway, basement and kids play area. This was not a solo effort on her part - my husband and I were very involved in the solution, which was critical in the lasting success of the efforts. Patty was able to educate us on how to systematically organize our house in a way that allows us to have long term impact on our home and ultimately our lives. We are looking forward to inviting her back for more help and guidance!

"It was wonderful and inspiring!"

What could have been an embarrassing, tortuous process was enjoyable. Patty felt like a friend helping me get my life in order. To this day four months later our kitchen remains in good shape. Things no longer litter the countertop because I simply don’t know where to put it. Everything has a home and because I understand why it is homed there it gets put away. It is a bit like magic, thank you Patty.


"A major stressor has been lifted from my shoulders..."

I can not thank Patty Morrissey enough for jump-starting me on this adventure of decluttering my home!  It felt so good to discuss my clutter issues and then actually address them in a systematic way. I am going to continue to apply the methods and work my way through my house, I have moved onto my daughter's clothes! A major stressor has been lifted from my shoulders already - just by spending a morning with Patty. For those of you who are "paralyzed" by the clutter in your home and do not know where to start, reach out to Patty! 


I just spent two days with Patty Morrissey. And she is amazing! I got rid of tons of cloths and paper that have been holding me down. Thank You Patty for your guidance. I'm looking forward to our next session. 


“You have helped me so much already.”

Thank you again for your compassion, understanding and generosity of spirit. The journey is a long one and I'm grateful to have made this connection with you, and to be able to call on you in the future. Thank you for doing this work

“I organized my entire family!”

I used the tools you taught me to organize my entire family in the same way that you helped me get organized. Every clothing closet and drawer is organized in the KonMari style. I am so pleased with the results that I actually don't mind doing laundry anymore!! 


"We're forever grateful!"

I feel very lucky to have had Patty come help me in my home. Not only did she help me organize but she taught me how to stay organized. The techniques and motivation Patty showed me was something I will use forever. 

“I am still so amazed at how much we accomplished! “

I'm grateful to Patty for the time and care she put into our home and even more importantly for the renewed sense of peace our nicely organized home has given us back!


“Patty is the absolute best!”

I cannot recommend her enough. She is so warm and kind as she walks you through the process of sorting through your tangible belongings in pursuit of what truly sparks joy. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! 

"Patty is really good at this"

I can't tell you the difference it has made in just six hours.  The book [Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up] is not enough...it really is vital to have someone like Patty come in and walk you through the process with grace and encouragement. My husband has had a huge smile on his face since he saw the room… or maybe it's because of the marked improvement in my mood.


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