"Jedi-level practitioner of the ultrahot KonMari Method"

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 Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Tippett Photography

Make Room for What Matters Most

If  you feel exhausted from all of the running around, like your mind is just as cluttered as your calendar or your closet, overwhelmed and always multitasking, you've come to the right place. 

Imagine feeling present, calm, and centered most of the time. You have the space to think, play, and do deep work. You're at ease moving through your day, absorbing any setbacks with grace. Your schedule is filled with the people and activities that make you feel your best. 

Your journey to joy and calm starts with a free phone consultation to clarify your goals and determine the best way to work together. 

I help people declutter their spaces and schedules to make room for what matters most. I currently offer the following services: 

Learn more about me, read client testimonials, media coverage, and reflections on my blog. 

With joy and gratitude,

Patty Morrissey,  MSW & Certified KonMari Consultant


You don't have to go it alone. Let's talk

A major stressor has been lifted from my shoulders already - just by spending a morning with Patty.
To anyone who needs more time, more space, or just a more positive view of your home and belongings; Patty Morrissey is the answer!
Patty was able to educate us on how to systematically organize our house in a way that allows us to have long term impact on our home and ultimately our lives.
Patty felt like a friend helping me get my life in order.

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