In Pursuit of Joy Newsletter

Welcome. The aim of this newsletter is to unite a community of learners, seekers, caregivers, and friends. All are welcome.

What you can expect from me:

  • Content related to The KonMari Method™ - curated news articles, tips and tactics, stories of transformation.

  • Invitations to connect IRL - community volunteer projects, donation drives, workshops, cultural events, and more.

  • Curated recommendations - books and articles to read, events to attend, products and services, leaders to follow.

  • Company news - announcements, press, special offers, recent blog posts.

  • I’ll share only when I have something to share to ensure the content is inspired and not forced.

I hope you will join us, engage (react, like, share, and ask questions), and offer your own gifts and stories with the community.

With joy and gratitude,

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